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Sheffield Homes is an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) set up and owned by Sheffield City Council to manage council housing in Sheffield. As our client, Sheffield Homes offered us a list of potential project briefs for us to choose from, all of which deal with important issues and concerns regarding the current council housing stock in Sheffield. Our group decided to embark upon developing innovative solutions to address the important issue of waste disposal in flatted council estates. Our hope is that our efforts can offer strong design initiatives on the topic whilst creating awareness and incentive on the importance of recycling and proper disposal of household waste.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Back to the Drawing Board

Hello Team,

To update everyone about a rather revealing meeting this morning with Sheffield Homes, we have a bit of re-thinking to do. Which is good.

Looking, the way we have been, at the system of waste disposal on two different scales: one as the whole system, the other being waste at the point of disposal is shaping up to be a useful communication tool.

There were a number of important issues raised, firstly we cannot feasibly run a trail test of cardboard chutes. Health and safety is a major issue with this one, the material has to be costed, tested and vandal proof. This type of idea can remain as proposals, but they will require some serious thought.

In response to the idea of smaller colour coded bin bags: they have trailed the idea of using small bags in the past but it was deemed as being more expensive. There is also a health and safety issue involved in the handling of plastic bags and even though housing estates officers do currently carry out this role it should not be part of a long-term solution, there should be a move towards automation.

The idea of an event held on a specific estate is a possibility but the aims and outcomes should be clearly beneficial to the long term goals.

That is the emphasis here, our work needs to reflect serious and practical thinking as well as more blue-sky concepts.

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Peter Sofoluke said...

Back to the drawing board it is then. Good job we've got time on our side.