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Sheffield Homes is an Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) set up and owned by Sheffield City Council to manage council housing in Sheffield. As our client, Sheffield Homes offered us a list of potential project briefs for us to choose from, all of which deal with important issues and concerns regarding the current council housing stock in Sheffield. Our group decided to embark upon developing innovative solutions to address the important issue of waste disposal in flatted council estates. Our hope is that our efforts can offer strong design initiatives on the topic whilst creating awareness and incentive on the importance of recycling and proper disposal of household waste.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

"Receptacle for the Recyclable"

"Sure, it's goofy and looks like something out of a Pixar film, but it also integrates itself with the existing trash cans (some around the Loop and other parts of the city are different - nicer - but this scheme could be modified to fit onto those, too) and proposes reusing newspapers, over just recycling, their bundled masses poking from the green orb for easy grabbing. These are a couple good ideas that set it apart from the other schemes, ones that tended to be from the ground up and lacking in a sense of humor."*

Image & text source found @ http://archidose.blogspot.com/


Oliver Cartwright said...

Credit simply must be given to Danny from the Spires Project for spotting this cool blog article. Cheers dude!

John Pillar said...

Really like these. Have a look at http://www.lynnbecker.com/repeat/recycle/recyclewinners.htm to see some of the other entries to the competition.

India said...

It's Mike Wazowski! Brilliant.
I like the idea that you can take a paper someone has left.